Vue.Js Developer
Mar 3, 2023
Vue.Js Developer
Mar 3, 2023
Job type
years of experience
technical skills
  • HTML / CSS, Javascript background (Angularjs, Nodejs, Reactjs)
  • VueJS, MySQL Secondary Skills Angular
  • Current Skill should be Vue JS not angular. Min Vue Js should be 2 years
soft skills
  • Fluent communication & analytical skills. Good presentation skills will be a plus
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Educational Qualification: Graduate Engineer
your role
your responsibilities

Develop interactive, user-friendly applications using the latest frameworks

Translate designs and wire-frames into high quality and responsive screens

Developing Front-End and Back-end Web Application

Creating servers and databases for functionality

Work closely with our Design team to understand the design and UI/UX requirements better

Maintain and improve the presentability of our website and web applications

Optimize the design of web applications for robust user experience

Collaborate with graphic designers and back-end developers to improve usability

Acquire feedback from customers and users to build viable solutions

Write functional requirement guides and documents

Create quality prototypes and templates for the client approvals

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